Reflections on applying for a Small Grant

Reflections on applying for a Small Grant

Great thoughts about writing for grants


I recently found out that a bid I’d made for a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant had been successful. I tweeted about this and said I’d be happy to share what I’d learnt in the process of making my application – particularly because I’d had a rejected one in the past and I know what I did differently this time around. There was some interest in me sharing my reflections…so here they are! The amount funded by these awards is very small (only up to £10,000), yet the amount of work that goes into writing an application is huge – so hopefully this will be helpful to others.

I’m definitely not an expert in winning funding bids – far from it! – and I want that to be really clear. There are many resources out there from people with far, far more experience and insight to offer than me –…

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amazing stuff about the Kusasis….my people

Chaka Orleans Heritage Foundation

Chief,Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoko II

The Team left from Bawku Central to the palace of the Kusasi Chief Naba Asigri Abugrago AzokoII,some of his elders who were seated gave us a little tit bit about the manner in which they greet their chief; upon arrival of the chief, all men rise up whiles ladies sit.

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My rendition of Katy Perry’s “roar”

My rendition of Katy Perry’s “roar”

So Katy Perry’s roar is a pretty awesome song. I like the wordplay and the artistic nature of it all. It’s pretty amazing.

In terms of the meaning, I love the thought of taking your life into your own hands, overcoming your fears and becoming all you can be.

A few thoughts came to mind when I watched the video. So recently, a daily Dynamic Catholic message was about how Jesus turns your life upside down in order to have it right side up. ( Paul and other evangelists were described as the people who have turned the world upside down.

During the Advent/Christmas season each year, we read Isaiah’s (Isaiah 11) message about the world being turned upside down with the advent of the Messiah such that the wolf will live with the lamb and other previously sworn enemies will dwell together. Amazingly beautiful thoughts!

So how does that tie in with Katy Perry’s “roar”? Well, Satan is the abuser who keeps us in bondage and we become tigers and lions (bold) only when we make the decision for Christ. That’s when our lives are turned upside down such that they are right side up because it is only in Christ that we discover our true selves: we are made in God’s own image and likeness and are empowered to live holy and right lives.

May we live the bold “tigerous” life worthy of our calling as Christians, overcoming temptation and snatching souls from hell by proclaiming God’s word to them. Peace!

Please blame Ekow Boakye, I had no idea about this. 🙂

Angela Azumah Alu, 4/08/18

Check out the video for the song:

Reflections on World Youth Day Ghana Version 2018

Reflections on World Youth Day Ghana Version 2018

Hope to see you there!

World Youth Day Ghana

So today at mass, God used the readings to reaffirm what He had already said. That the World Youth Day Ghana version would be a blessing to all who participate and to our nation as a whole. And it made me wonder at what whether we understand the truly historic nature of this event. It’s the fourth version and it happens every three years. So it’s going to probably come back to Accra in some 50 something years. And though I’ve been a committee member from the beginning, I must confess that were times when I just couldn’t see that. So I wept today.

I was very sad when I realized what I almost missed. I mean, I have deadlines to meet…what with work and school…so it’s only natural. But guess what, in the feast of the wedding banquet, none of the usual reasons was acceptable. And same applies here.

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G.E.T.S. Easter Outreach

G.E.T.S. Easter Outreach

From 29th March to 2nd April 2018, join God’s End Time Stewards (G.E.T.S.) in the Upper West Region of Ghana as we share the love of Jesus Christ with the people of Ducie.

Ducie is one of the villages in the Chakali land. The Chakali people are among the unreached people groups in Ghana. With a Christian percentage of about 1%. There are about 13 communities that make up the Chakali land with a total population of about 15,000 people. There are only 3/4 communities with churches. Only about 3% of the population are Christian. The community is very underdeveloped with no good roads, no lights, no network and poor infrastructure.

Our Assignment

We are to share the gospel among these Chakali people and raise support for the many uneducated youth in the communities. To the best of our knowledge, they only have senior high school graduates and no tertiary graduates. We also need to support the few Christians who are mainly old women.


How you can help:

  1. Pray. You can join us to pray on Sunday 25th March 2018 at 3p.m. at University of Ghana, Legon.
  2. Join us if possible
  3. Support financially or in kind. In kind, we need used clothing, books for B.E.C.E. candidates and food items.
  4. Any other support you can offer.

You can make enquiries or send donations to: 0244808149, 0242268112 or 0243144739



Movie review of Skyscraper

Movie review of Skyscraper

So for my friend Esther’s birthday, we ended the day with a movie at Silverbird Cinemas….it was a miraculous happening we give thanks to God for.

We watched Skyscraper. It basically told the story of a guy who had to go into a burning building to rescue his family. The movie made me think a lot. Below are some lessons I drew from it.

1. The crowd of people watching the hero’s every move and cheering him on reminds me of the great cloud of witnesses spoken of in the New Testament epistle to the Hebrews. It reminds us that we have our heroes of faith cheering us on as we run our race of life. And unlike the crowd who only watched, the saints in heaven can intercede for us…because they have been where we are and are now where we are going. That is always awesome to know. More prayers for us!

2. Another lesson that stood out for me was how he made use of everything he had. As a resourceful person, even the wooden leg which is ordinarily a liability became a valuable asset. He made use of duct tape and other simple household items like a rope and a decorative piece. In the face of hardship or difficulty, don’t paralyze yourself by over thinking. Go back to the basics. And of course, pray. God always has makes a way.
3. A third thing that stood out for me was the extent to which people would go. Sawyer, the hero, went to the extent of going into a burning building to save his family. His wife went to the extent of walking on a narrow beam in a burning building with her son at her back to save her son. The main villain went to the extent of burning the tallest skyscraper ever to get the information he wanted. These are extreme cases but the question still remains….what is the extent to which you would go to achieve your dreams?How hard would you work? Have you reached the point where giving up is not an option? Even when it seems impossible, are you ready to keep going?
4. A fourth lesson for me was about the power of information and skill. The building was set on fire because the villain needed information. The owner of the building considered that information his greatest possession and was willing to leave everything else but not that. Sawyer was targeted because of the security details about the building that he knew. His wife was able to assist the police because she could speak their language… that literally saved her family. Question for you and I…in this information era, what skills and abilities are we acquiring?
5. Final lesson for me was about the importance of family, family life and parenting. Sawyer’s wife did her best as a mum to reassure her children even when she herself must have been terrified. She actually walked over to reassure her daughter that everything would be fine. In addition, both of them were very affectionate with their children. They also appeared very close and very concerned about each other. What examples are we setting for our families?
Anyway, enough rambling…hope you enjoy this post!

Angela Azumah Alu, 17/07/18

When He promises you joy

When He promises you joy

Amazing blogpost on Joy by Esther Laryea!!!!


When He promises you joy stand with your calabash ready to drink your fill. A year ago just about this time , He promised me joy. He confirmed his promise that he’d give me joy. I was badly in need of joy and i held on to the promise with all i had.

Today, I’m filled with joy. I’m quiet happy and at peace and there’s no one thing i can adduce it to. It hasn’t been smooth the entire while. I have no idea what tomorrow holds. But, whenever i feel parched, i quietly remind Him that He’s promised me joy.

I’ll share another favourite

You will keephimin perfectpeace,
Whosemindisstayedon You,
Because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3″

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