My rendition of Katy Perry’s “roar”

My rendition of Katy Perry’s “roar”

So Katy Perry’s roar is a pretty awesome song. I like the wordplay and the artistic nature of it all. It’s pretty amazing.

In terms of the meaning, I love the thought of taking your life into your own hands, overcoming your fears and becoming all you can be.

A few thoughts came to mind when I watched the video. So recently, a daily Dynamic Catholic message was about how Jesus turns your life upside down in order to have it right side up. ( Paul and other evangelists were described as the people who have turned the world upside down.

During the Advent/Christmas season each year, we read Isaiah’s (Isaiah 11) message about the world being turned upside down with the advent of the Messiah such that the wolf will live with the lamb and other previously sworn enemies will dwell together. Amazingly beautiful thoughts!

So how does that tie in with Katy Perry’s “roar”? Well, Satan is the abuser who keeps us in bondage and we become tigers and lions (bold) only when we make the decision for Christ. That’s when our lives are turned upside down such that they are right side up because it is only in Christ that we discover our true selves: we are made in God’s own image and likeness and are empowered to live holy and right lives.

May we live the bold “tigerous” life worthy of our calling as Christians, overcoming temptation and snatching souls from hell by proclaiming God’s word to them. Peace!

Please blame Ekow Boakye, I had no idea about this. 🙂

Angela Azumah Alu, 4/08/18

Check out the video for the song: