Reflections on Ghana’s Commodity Exchange

Reflections on Ghana’s Commodity Exchange

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Curbing Illicit Financial Flows from Resource-Rich Developing Countries

On Tuesday 6th November 2018, the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, opened the Ghana Commodity Exchange (GCX), a platform for buying and selling listed agricultural commodities. It is the first of its kind in West Africa, and one of three on the African continent, and is meant to make Ghana the agricultural hub of the sub region. The Exchange has started with spot trading and hopes to introduce futures trading as time goes on.

The GCX is set to ensure standardization of agricultural commodities and prices. Through the secure storage facilities to be provided for farmers, it is expected that post-harvest losses will be minimized, there by leading to better food security for the nation; and stable income flow for farmers as well as agribusinesses. This should lead to a minimization of imports and more exports.

A commodity exchange is an organized marketplace where buyers and sellers come together…

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I Have Seen the One Who Sees Me

I Have Seen the One Who Sees Me

Beautiful reflection on the woman with the issue of blood

Hope Unyielding


Unclean am I, I am unclean, because of a bleeding that won’t stop, no matter how much I adhere to the doctors’ instructions, more outrageous and extravagant by the day. Weakness does not just fill me; it is me.

I feel cold in the sun.

I want to seek Him, Jehovah, the Lord, the One who saw and loved Hagar abandoned in the desert. But I am cut off. Shame and sin are mine, are me. An unrepentant woman. I hear the whispers: “It’s her sin. If only she would repent, she would be healed.” I am unclean, unclean am I. I used to have a name before the condemning blood.

When I heard about him from my mother, when she told me about what he did for the blind man that used to beg at the end of our street, all I could think of was how…

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