You are worth more than many sparrows

You are worth more than many sparrows

So I guess there are times when I feel quite forsaken by God…especially when things are extra bad. Like I’ve been quite teary over the past few days. And then He chooses to remind me of how much He cares.

So on Wednesday at work, I loaded the documents for our team meeting on my flash disk. After the meeting, and after getting my stuff ready I run out to get a car. As is typical of Angela, I was holding a lot of stuff that I hadn’t put in my bag. In the car, some of my stuff fell out and the mate helped me pick them up. Then I forgot about the stuff. Then on Thursday when I needed to copy some documents for the workshop we were having , I realised my the pen drive I had used for the team meeting was not in its usual place in my purse. Thankfully, I had my Grasag pen drive so I used that for the workshop.

I looked everywhere in my bag when I had the opportunity to but I still couldn’t find it. So then I wondered if it had fallen in the car with my other stuff but we couldn’t retrieve it. I got a little worried because it had a lot of my stuff on it.

So later I prayed. And prayed. I whispered prayers just to get my heart to calm down. I asked God to help the drive fall into safe hands and to protect the stuff on the drive. If possible, He should bring the drive back.

Well, today, Saturday, when I was washing…with no thought of the drive at all, I found the drive in the water. Apparently it was in the pocket of my yellow shirt…the one I wore on Wednesday. Honestly, finding the drive was a big reminder to me that He cares about everything that happens to me…especially after today’s tears which left me feeling sad and forlorn.

Glory to Jesus!

Angela Azumah Alu, 22:35. Legon




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