Meditations on when David finally became king

Meditations on when David finally became king

David was anointed king as a teenager. I think it’s reputed that he was about 17 years old. That was as far back as in 1 Sam 16:1-3. He finally became king in 2 Sam 5:1-7,10. He was 30 years old then.

In between, a lot happened. He killed goliath, he fought battles for Saul. He had to flee from Saul. He got married. Saul pursued him. He became a rebel leader. He learnt how to lead. He fought and won battles. He learnt to trust in God.

13 years! It was a really long time from the promise to its fulfilment. But when the time was due, it was the people of Israel who came and acknowledged that God had anointed David as king. They made him king. And he reigned for 40 years.

So there are a lot of lessons from this story for me. That when God makes you a promise, it will happen in His time not yours. Trust Him and never give up hope.

And while you’re waiting, prepare yourself. As a king, David was a leader. That meant that all the time he had spent being a leader would serve him in good stead as king.

He built up his relationship with God. That is even the most important of all. There are many psalms where you see that David literally had to depend on God. Build up your relationship with God.

He built up relationships with others. That is also very important and necessary.

And finally, he lived! Live your life! Never ever put your life on hold while waiting for a promise to be fulfilled. Cheer up! Live!

Angela Azumah Alu