USA 2019-30th January to 1st February 2019

USA 2019-30th January to 1st February 2019

We got to New York! Yay! But the cold was intense!!!!!!!! Even with our jackets and other winter clothes, we felt cold. At that point I started wondering about homeless people in cold countries. May the LORD help them. We got access to the free airport WiFi and thus were able to communicate with family and friends. We also heard from Fr. Fred Agyemang, our host. Apparently there had been an accident on the road so he was delayed. Finally Fr. Fred arrived. We took some pictures and got into the cars provided. We went to the St. Luke Parish retreat centre where we were going to stay for the duration of the trip. When we arrived, there was jollof, chicken and salad! There was shito too! Yay! The PPC vice chair was present to welcome us. We ate and retired to bed soon after.

On Thursday, we had mass at 11am at the St. Luke Catholic Church. Fr. Alphonse reminded us of St. John Bosco and all he stood for on the occasion of his feast day. After mass, Fr. Fred officially welcomed us and gave us some highlights of the programme planned for us. He also showed us around the church and some of us saw our first snow. After that, the PPC chair also welcomed us and shared with us the history of the Ghanaian community at St. Luke. We then had lunch and rested. Later, Fr. Fred arranged for one of the parishioners to take us to town. He drove us to Macy’s and another mall where we did some shopping. Some also got snacks and others food.
We came back to meet ampesi and kontomire stew for supper. Yay!!!!!
On Friday we had mass at 11am. We then rested and left at 4:30pm for the Sheen Centre. We were privileged to watch “Emanuel” a documentary film about the Charleston shootings. It is yet to be released! The film was very moving and really showed the power of love and forgiveness. Afterwards, there was an intriguing discussion about the film, the shooting and the implications of it. We then went for a cocktail at Subculture. The entire event was organized by the Office of Black Ministry of the Catholic Archdiocese of New York and forms part of activities for the Black History Month. It was thanks to Brother Tyrone of the office of Black Ministry that we had the opportunity.
After the cocktail, we took the subway back to the Bronx.


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