USA 2019-2nd-3rd February 2019

USA 2019-2nd-3rd February 2019

03 February 2019

Saturday 3rd February 2019 saw us wake up early to get ready and have breakfast. We didn’t have mass because we had to leave early. Our first stop was the Museum of Natural History. On our way there, we saw a lot of wonderful sights from our cozy seats in the van. The PPC vice chair, Mr. Asiamah, and Fr. Fred went with us.

The Museum is huge!!!!! We met Mr. Acheampong, the parishioner who arranged the excursion for us. God bless him! Our first stop was the “Unseen ocean”. Sublime is the only word to describe it. We saw parts of the world we had never imagined. We even learnt that there’s a mountain higher than Mount Everest in Hawaii. We also learnt that new Islands are being discovered in Hawaii. And we saw a soft robotic landline thing created by one scientist to help other scientists pick things up underwater.

From there we went to watch a movie about animals in the backyard. It basically showed the four seasons, the didferent flora and fauna seen in each season and generally invited viewers to be more aware of the ecosystem and the interactions therein. I loved the touch of a young narrative especially with her ending up as a biologist. To top it all off, we watched the movie with 3D glasses! Talk about cool! Really nice way to market Science! We also passed through the hall of dinosaurs, went to see mammals from Africa and saw a picture of initial meeting of the Europeans and native Americans. The whole place was full of history and it was heartwarming to see the many rooms and halls named after benefactors and the way former employees /directors were honoured with their names on the wall and all.

Mr. Acheampong got us pizza!!!! Dancing a jig already! We ate our pizza in the van. Our next stop was the Pauline Press bookshop in New York. We bought books and other religious items! Yay! From there we came back to have supper. We had jollof for supper! Charley, more enjoyment for us. 🙂

In the evening we met the youth of the Ghanaian community. They were rehearsing for their 6th March event. We were told the Ghanaian community organizes its own 6th March event to celebrate Ghana’s independence. The youth were rehearsing Ghanaian dances! Impressive! We made a presentation of some souvenirs to them. We had some jama which they joined in! A lot of them knew the twi songs we were singing! We also met the PPC Secretary and Treasurer. They expressed their delight at our coming and entreated us to take up our places as we are the present and not the future. Same message we had from the Pope and Archbishop Palmer-Buckle. We also passed on the message to the Ghanaian youth of the parish. Generally, the executives spoke about how the Ghanaian community helped them to bond as Ghanaians and also provided a place for their children to learn about their heritage.

On Sunday, most of us slept in. We got ready, had breakfast and joined the bus to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for the thanksgiving mass for the Black History month. It was awesome! The whole Cathedral was full! The mass started at 2pm. Our priests concelebrated the mass. The main celebrant was Bishop Guy Sansaricq while Fr. Andrew (Drew) Smith was the homilist. Based on the readings for the 4th Sunday of the year, Year C he called on us to remember that we are known and called by God, called to love because love is the only thing that endures, and called to trust in God at all times no matter how difficult things may be. The songs were many and varied. It was great to hear a song composed by Bro. Plus Agyemang used for the Alleluia. We also sang an Akan appellation at the elevation. The bidding prayers were in different languages such as English, Spanish, French, Akan, Igbo and Creole. It was amazingly multicultural. After mass, we came back to fufu and light soup for supper!!!! Yay! Others had kenkey. We also went to the 5pm Ghanaian mass (twi) to make a presentation to the Parish. We presented a picture of the Sankofa, a chasuble and stole and a drum. The priests dressed Fr. Fred in the chasuble. We took pictures after mass and went back home.


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