Guest post by Maria Alejandra Rojas

Guest post by Maria Alejandra Rojas

Maria is a member of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in David, Panama.

They hosted pilgrims from Ghana and Guatemala during the just ended WYD Panama 2019.

Efua Brew-Hammond and I were hosted by Maria’s family.

Here’s Maria:

“For where two or three are gather in my name, there am I among them.”
(Mt 18:20)

Definitely, receiving our pilgrims was the same feeling of receiving Jesus in our home, a truly unique and transforming experience, we could learn from the culture diversity, open our hearts to people from different places of the world, so always remember that we don’t choose our family, they are God’s gift and now you are a part of our big family.

Today we can confirm that the most impressive and admirable teaching can be defined in a single word “faith”. There was no barrier or language that prevented us from living God’s love, we were taught that there are 5 continents, 194 countries, different religions, but ONLY ONE GOD! The tiredness, neither the climatic conditions nor the distance were obstacles to meet with Jesus and renew our faith. Dear pilgrims were that fresh air of joy and youth that made us remember that we are an instrument of love for the world. For my family and for my country it was an honor to share with all of you and be part of this great experience full of blessings, our home will always be home to all of you.

After this World Youth Day Panama 2019 we can only say thank God for giving us this great opportunity to serve on behalf of our beloved Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. Thank you for all your blessings and we desire that we all carry your word in our hearts. Remember … “Do not be afraid to take the love of God.”


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