WYD Panama 2019 Diaries-20th January 2019

WYD Panama 2019 Diaries-20th January 2019

Final day with the Parish always comes with lots of mixed feelings. You’re happy to be leaving for the main events but sad to leave your new family.
Fr. Joshua, the co-ordinator for the WYD was the main celebrant while the other priests and Fr. Moses concelebrated.
Louisa took the first reading, Augustine the responses psalm and Eric the second reading. Fr. Alphonse took the gospel in English. Fr. Moses in his homily asked pilgrims to take the joy they had experienced back to their countries. Virginia from Guatemala translated. Efua and Mildred took the offering while Lawrencia and Araba presented the offertory.
After communion, Joshua shared briefly about some of the stuggles encountered in preparing for the mission days.
Fr. Alphonse also led the Ghana team to make a presentation to the Parish. The presents were a frame with the “Gye Nyame” symbol, a chasuble and stole (which Fr. Moses promptly changed into) and some souvenirs for the youth. In his remarks Fr. Alphonse expressed appreciation to the Parish for their hospitality and summarised all they had taught us in Dom Cisco’s four things: God/church, family, school and playground. Through our interactions, they have shared their faith in God, showed us their culture through the family and played with us. The Ghanaian youth also expressed their thanks in Spanish.
After mass, both Ghanaian, Panamanian and Guatemalan youth did some cultural performances. The Ghanaian youth danced Bawa, Kpalongo and Adowa. The Parish also gave a JMJ/WYD keyholder to each pilgrim. Some families took their pilgrims out for lunch. There were a lot of goodbyes and some tears shed. Contacts were also exchanged.
Soon the bus arrived and pilgrims left for Panama city.


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