WYD Panama 2019 Diaries-16th January 2019

WYD Panama 2019 Diaries-16th January 2019

So with my new sim card and the airtime my sisters purchased, I bought a 3 day data bundle. Yay! We drove to a spot in the nearby city of Boquete. It’s a very picturesque city with a lot of different features. We could see mountains and valleys from the spot. We took some pictures and then left. Next stop was an uncle’s house. He works in Panama city so his house is usually left empty. It’s a really beautiful house with lots of flowers and other plants around. They have orange trees, sugar cane plants, berry trees, lemon and tangerines trees. There’s also a farm with plantain and lots of other plants and trees. They had beans and coffee plants as well. Their beans is different from ours. Panama exports coffee. We took pictures to our hearts’ content. We had lunch with our family: mama, Maria, Maria Patricia, Roy, the nephew (note to self: please ask his name), and another cousin who has an adorable little girl. Lunch was rice and beans (forgotten the Spanish name)…it’s basically waakye with no stew. We had meat and plantain to go with it. It was a little different but for me the plaintain helped. We also had soda alongside: they gave us orange and cola flavours of “crush”. Really great! Over lunch, we got to know each other. Since the coversation was more extended, it was a little harder. So Maria Teresa spoke English with us and translated for her mum who speaks no English at all. Roy and I spoke some French because he prefers that and he translated for them. It was quite hard but we did our best. Apparently they learn French in school…just like Ghana.
We told them about ourselves and showed them pictures of our parents and siblings. They asked about education in Ghana and shared about education in Panama. In Panama you do a 4 year degree, a masters is for a year and a PhD is about 2 years. They also spoke of a licensing exam which is about a year.
From there we drove to the Parish for mass. Our parish is Sagrado Corazon de Jesus. parish.
Our other six colleagues had an excursion in town. Apparently we were fast asleep when they came to call us.
All’s well that ends well.
Most of the Ghana team are in Panama now. There’s an activity this morning. So we’re getting ready to go.


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