Movie Review of The Avengers: Infinity War and lessons learnt.

Movie Review of The Avengers: Infinity War and lessons learnt.

Infinity War is the latest movie from Marvel Studios about the Avengers. It is absolutely amazing although I didn’t really like the ending. I’m looking forward to the promised sequel. You can read more about the movie if you haven’t watched it yet:

I watched it with my sister and given that it’s our first Avengers movie, we were a little lost but we enjoyed it nevertheless. The graphics were amazing and the movie itself was very emotionally charged.

At the end of the movie, some lessons stood out….from a Christian perspective. Enjoy!

1. When the movie ended, it seemed like the evil Thanos had won. But guess what, in these movies, it’s always the good guys who win. So we can rest assured that there will be a sequel where the good guys will win…and as always, the odds will be against the good guys but they will win. Reminds me of our lives as Christians. We have already won the war because Christ has won it for us. So sometimes, when the devil seems to be winning, thou shalt not fear or be afraid. The Lord is in control.

2. Thanos got some of the infinity stones because other people decided to save lives. So he got the space stone when Loki had to trade it for Thor’s life and the time stone because Dr. Strange traded it for Tony Stark’s life. Even Gamora shared the location of the soul stone to save her sister Nebula’s life. Love and loyalty make you seemingly weak but that is strength. 

3. Sacrifice. Apart from the above sacrifices, even Thanos himself had to sacrifice a loved one…in this case Gamora…before he could get the soul stone. That was a really big sacrifice and it was moving to see his tears. Question 1 for you and I: Christ sacrificed his life for us…what are we doing about that? Are we living lives worthy of that sacrifice? Question 2…what are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams/aspirations and other things you want?

4.Commitment Even though his goal was horrific, Thanos was willing to see it through to the bitter end. He endured many trials and stayed true to his course no matter what came his way. As Christians, how committed are we to the path Christ walked for us? How often do we stray due to the littlest inconvenience? The path is never easy, its never simple. It just needs to be walked.

5.What do you do when you have done all you can and everything still goes wrong? As Christians, that is time to go back to God, ask Him why and trust Him anew. May God help us all!

6.Final lesson is from Matthew 24:40-42
Jesus talks about the need to be watchful since we do not know the day or the hour of the Son of man. He warns that on that day two will be in the field; one will be taken and one will be left.
Just as it happened with Thanos. Half the world was taken away and half was left. Question is: which half will you be part of? Does Jesus know you?

These are some lessons that stood out from Infinity War. What about you? What stood out for you? Cheers!

My friend Zuviel contributed some amazing insights to this post so he’s listed as a co-author. Do check out his blog:

Angela Azumah Alu and Zuviel Joshua Naazie



2 thoughts on “Movie Review of The Avengers: Infinity War and lessons learnt.

  1. Great words of “wispiration” (wisdom + inspiration)… keep it up… gearing up to read the remaining articles… 👍👍

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