About weeds and gardens

About weeds and gardens

So my mum has made a garden at home. It was a lot of work. The place was initially full of stones. So she had to get someone to clear the grounds. It’s even still not done yet. And then, she had to buy the grass and the flowers she wanted to plant.
So she did that. And then came the watering. The place had to be watered twice daily. And honestly, it’s a lot of work. I know…coz I’ve done it.
Then the dogs decided to dig the plants up. It was not funny at all. So she had to get a sort of barricade made for the plants to keep the dogs out. It’s better now but mischievous Poncho (one of the dogs) dug up the carpet grass she had planted. He’s even destroyed some of the cage like things she made for the plants.
It’s not all been doom and gloom. She’s harvested okro from the garden. The grass is a delight to see and after a year, we’ll even have our own plantain. Hurray! And now, some of the plants bloom so beautifully that you can even get flowers for the house. See the pictures below.
Anyway, enough rambling. For me, what has stood out in this whole garden story has been the weeds. They just grow! And keep growing! Whereas, she had to buy the other plants and even not all of them did well, the weeds just grow. And you have to make time to uproot them, other wise they make the garden look messy and I daresay, they take up the nutrients for the plants. That was a very deep lesson for me. Bad habits seem to develop naturally while good habits have to be consciously worked at.
And last one, as a “non regular” member of the garden “workers”, I do not uproot weeds…because frankly, I can’t tell the difference…. especially when they are very little, they seem like the other plants. It is when they grow that you can tell the difference. (Hoping to learn though). This reminds me of the parable of the wheat and the tares. The master allowed them to grow side by side so that when they grow, the difference will be clearly seen.
Question for you and I: what are the things we want to grow in our lives? Are we ready to pay the price?
Angela Azumah Alu, 1/4/17, Legon

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