Advent and the Covenant keeping God

Advent and the Covenant keeping God

Advent is one of my favourite liturgical seasons. It’s a four week period of preparation before Christmas. The focus is to prepare for the infant king and to remind ourselves of his second coming.

During this period, a number of daily readings focus on the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah. Last year, I did a study and I was amazed at how many and how accurate they were! But from the Israelites point of view, it seemed to take forever and it didn’t even seem happen as they thought it would. It took people like the shepherds, Anna and Simeon to recognize the Messiah even in his swaddling clothes and his poverty. And of course the Magi.

So question for you and I…what has God said about you that seems to delay beyond the word delay? Are you starting to think God is actually a liar? I invite you to hold on to your hope and your faith. He is not a man that He should lie. And His timing is always the best! Praise and trust Him! He will surely do it; you will be amazed!




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