God indeed does make all things work together…

God indeed does make all things work together…



So, exactly two weeks ago I slipped and fell at work. I’m not joking. I cut my forehead and broke my teeth. It seems like something out of a movie right…even I think so.

There were so many things that came to mind. But guess what, whatever may have been the reason, it became an opportunity for God’s love to shine through in my life. I’ve been overwhelmed by the love and support everyone has shown…especially my family and close friends. It was a great opportunity to take some well needed rest even though I was upset about being indisposed when I had many things to do. And of course, it was a reminder about how many things I take for granted. I never really think about my teeth…so it took being without them for a while to appreciate how important they are…for my face, my smile, for eating and even for talking. It was interesting sounding funny when my teeth were “incomplete”. I experienced the suffering of those who cannot smile easily because they have less than perfect teeth and perhaps, for the first time, I actually took notice of teeth. Ento woa da! In addition, I saw face to face the struggles people go through to access healthcare. There’s a lot more to say and share but I’ll end like this: I’m sure I’ll forget and take things for granted again. But guess what,for now…while I remember, I’m thankful…for everyone and everything. And the next time something supposedly bad happens, I’ll try to remember that all things work together for my good and pray for the grace to see the good.


Angela Azumah Alu

At home a day or so after the fall. Thankful for life


Last Friday (24/11/17) after receiving my composites.

The best is actually yet to come…stay tuned.



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