About sexual immorality

About sexual immorality

The bible is replete with examples of what sexual immorality is and clearly shows that sex only makes sense within the context of marriage. Both fornication and adultery are sins God takes very seriously.

The fact that casual sex has become the norm does not make it right. Even those who have sex outside of marriage know it is wrong. God’s rules do not change.

As salt and light of the world, we are called to be sexually pure and to teach others to to same.

1.Genesis tells us that Adam knew his wife; not his girlfriend. (Genesis 2:18-25)
2. God upheld the values of marriage such that even when Abraham and Isaac lied that the wives were their sisters, there were consequences for the men planning to take them as wives. (Abraham-Genesis 12: 10-20), Genesis 20: 1-17); Isaac-Genesis 26:1-11)
3. It was emphasized that Rebecca was a virgin; no man had known her. (Genesis 24)
4.Jacob could only have sex with his promised bride after the marriage ceremony had happened. (Genesis 29:1-30)
5. Sexual immorality, include rape, was such a serious crime that Dina’s rape caused her brothers to kill her rapist and his entire family. (Genesis 34:1-31)
6. Tamar was to be stoned for prostituting herself. Her life was spared because her father in law Judah realised it was his inaction that had caused her to act that way.(Genesis 38:1-30)
7.Joseph fled Potiphar’s wife because he knew sex outside of marriage was a sin. (Genesis 39:1-23)
8. God gave clear commands about virginity and sex. Adulterers were to be killed. (Exodus 20:14, 17; Leviticus 18; Deuteronomy 22:13-30)
9. We know what happened to Samson and David.( Samson-Judges 16:1-31; David-2 Samuel 11:1-27;12:1-31)
10. Proverbs tells men to be sexually satisfied with their wives and entreats men to flee the adulterous woman. (Proverbs 5:1-23; 7:6-27;30:20)
11. Jesus calls us to a higher standard and teaches that looking at a woman lustfully is as adulterous as actually committing adultery. (Matthew 5:27-30)
12.Paul teaches clearly on adultery and fornication. Fornicators and adulterers have no part in the kingdom of God. (Romans 1:18-23; 2:1-25; 1 Cor 5:9-13; 6:9-10)
13. He also says there should not even be “a hint of sexual immorality” among Christians. (Ephesians 5:3)
14.He even advises people to marry rather than burn with passion though he thinks it is better to be single so as to be dedicated to God’s work. (1 Cor 7:1-40)

Marriage is such a strong union that it is God’s metaphor of choice to describe his union with Israel in the old testament (Ezekiel 16) and with the church in the new testament (Ephesians 5:25; Revelations 19:7)

#My two biscuits.

May God help us all.

Angela Azumah Alu, 14/3/16


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