Short Message for Students of Jinijini SHS

Short Message for Students of Jinijini SHS

Dear students,

It is a pleasure to send this message to you.
We thank God for your lives and for the many wonderful potentials He has placed in you.
Our message is that with God there is nothing that is impossible. (Luke 1:37)
I challenge you today to offer your hearts to God if you have never done so before.
If you have, I encourage you to reaffirm your commitment to Him and to trust Him with everything. In Joshua 1:8, he promises that if we meditate on His law day and night and obey it, we will have great success.
He has great plans for you if only you commit yourself to Him wholly.
And in the bible He shows us examples of many young people like us that He chose and gave great success too.
He used Joseph, formerly a spoilt brat who became a slave, to save the people of Egypt and his own family.
He used Esther, an orphan who became a queen to save the Israelites.
He chose Ruth, a young Moabite widow, and made her an ancestress of the Messiah, Jesus.
He chose David, a young shepherd, to be a king.
He chose Jeremiah to be a prophet when he was young.
He chose Daniel, a young exile, to be a leader.
He chose Mary to bear the Messiah when she was young.
There are many other examples of young people that God chose.
Even recently,
Martin Luther King Jnr was a young pastor who stood against racism in the USA.
In Ghana, there are many examples of young people who have achieved great things……Kwame Nkrumah was a young man when he joined the fight for independence for Ghana.
There are many other examples of young men and women who are doing amazing things like the 9/11 year old who wrote a book, Justin Bieber and Adel (musicians), even President Obama who became president of USA at a youthful age. We can talk of Wiyaala, a Ghanaian musician who came from a very poor background….her first time of going to Accra was to audition for stars of the future.
Portia Dery who is helping to teach Ghanaian children in the North love reading and is an author herself,…….the examples are innumerable.
He does not promise that the going will be easy but He promises to be with you and to deliver you. (Jer 1:19)
He knows all about you and knows your deepest desires but He invites you to commit your ways to Him so He directs your paths. (Pro 3:5-6)
He has great plans for you….only trust Him!Learn to hear Him speak to you if you have not done so already and always be prepared to obey His words.
Know that you are unique and that God has a plan for you. (Psalm 139:16). Believe in your own uniqueness and never listen to the devil’s lies that you are not good enough or that you will amount to nothing. No matter how many people you hear that from, it is NOT TRUE! You are created in God’s image and likeness; you are His work of art and you were created for good and amazing works. (Eph 2:10)
Only trust Him! He is faithful and ever able to do much more than you could ever hope for imagine. (Eph 3:20) Do you think your dreams are too big? To God they are not, He will do more than that for you. If you don’t even have dreams, I pray that you begin to dream today and see how far God takes you.
May He give you a desire to leave a legacy in your school, your community, the nation and even the world as a whole. But most importantly, may you come to know Him as He truly is and see the extent of His love for you. (Eph 3:14-19)
God loves you and so do we!
Angela Azumah Alu 5/12/15, Legon

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