Brief overview of the Bible

Brief overview of the Bible

So I wrote this for a friend who mentioned that she didn’t really get the bible. The point of the write up is to see the bible as one story …..


The bible essentially tells the story of God’s interaction with man and how He wants to have a relationship with you and me.

So in Genesis 1&2, He creates a world for man and creates man and woman to live in union with each other and with Him.

He loves man so much that He gives him free will to choose to love Him and unfortunately man chooses to disobey instead. Man listens to satan, disobeys God and breaks the perfect union with God. The rest of the bible tells the story of how God uses various ways to repair that relationship until he finally sends His son Jesus Christ. Now even in Genesis 3, after man disobeyed God, God still prophesied of the seed of a woman who would one day crush the head of the serpent (satan).

So to begin this process, God begins to choose individuals….Enoch walked with God, he chose Noah and used him to save the world. He starts afresh with Noah.

Then he chooses Abraham, promises to make him the father of a nation and bless all people of earth through him. He chooses Isaac, Abraham’s son and then Jacob, one of Isaac’s sons.

Joseph, one of Israel’s sons, presents an image of a savior for his family. But God continues his line through Judah.

Then he brings the Israelites (descendants of Jacob) to Egypt to save them from famine and they live there for 400 years. After that they become slaves in Egypt. God then sends a savior in the person of Moses to rescue them. He does that through the Passover. He takes them to the wilderness, gives them laws to live by and makes them a nation. They travel till they finally reach Canaan, the promised land. And even in Canaan, they have to defeat various enemies so they can possess the land God promised them. This they do under the leadership of Joshua, another Jesus like figure.

Then in Canaan, he first gives them judges, people who lead them for a period of time-usually when necessary. Many times the people sin, God punishes them, they repent and cry, he sends a savior and then they repeat their sin.

Finally, the people ask for a king so thy will be like other nations. God gives them Saul, David and Solomon. Then after Solomon, the kingdom breaks into two and various kings rule the two kingdoms. Some are obedient to God like David but others are disobedient to God. Anyway, David is a descendant of Abraham and God promises to send them a king who is a descendant of David.

The people keep sinning even though God warns them through prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah and Amos. Finally, God sends them into exile in Babylon. Even there He speaks to them through prophets like Ezekiel and Daniel. He also saves them through Esther even in exile. Finally, after a set period (70 years), he turns the heart of King Cyrus who allows them to return to Israel. They go back and try to rebuild as we see in Ezra and Nehemiah. God also speaks to them through prophets like Haggai.

Then , finally, in his own time, God sends His own son to come and show man how to have a relationship with God. His son dies on behalf of all men and creates a situation where anyone who believes in Him receives a new heart and mind so He can be a son of God as seen in the gospels.

The Acts of the Apostles tells of how his followers go round proclaiming his message. The other letters talk of various aspects of faith.

And revelations shows that in the battle between God and satan, God finally wins and takes his people to heaven to be with Him. So God’s original intention in Genesis 1&2 of having a perfect relationship with man is fulfilled.

Thing to remember is that God is a Holy God who cannot stand sin. He loves man but man has sinned against Him and cannot have a relation with Him. Only a perfectly sinless person like Jesus could shed his blood (blood is the only thing that can wash away sin) and bring unity between God and man.




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