So about healing

So about healing

Well, a few weeks ago, I scalded my left wrist with boiling water. It was a bad case of over confidence in the kitchen. After boiling water, I decided to pour the water into a flask while standing instead of doing that at the sink. Just when the thought crossed my mind that I might actually pour boiling water on my hand, it did happen. It hurt like mad. I poured running water over it, finished filling the flask in the sink and put a salve on my hand. Later I noticed the skin looked burnt.
It hurt a while and then stopped but I had burn marks on my hand for about two weeks. Then today I noticed that it looked a little swollen, almost fresh, as if there was water in it. Later in the day, I noticed it started peeling and the skin underneath was beautiful-no burn marks. Wow! God is amazing!
This is a reminder that healing is like that-for bodies, hearts, everything else. First, after the hurt, it hurts a lot, then it stops for a while and the scars are there. But all that time, the body is getting ready to heal itself and at the right time, it seems to hurt again but that’s actually just when the scars are about to go off for good.
Healing is only a matter of time.
2/11/14 Angela Azumah Alu


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