Talk on discipleship at FGBMFI- Young Executives Chapter(Airport West Hotel) 15/10/12-Angela Azumah Alu and the Holy Spirit

Talk on discipleship at FGBMFI- Young Executives Chapter(Airport West Hotel) 15/10/12-Angela Azumah Alu and the Holy Spirit


Read a book recently that talked about God- the Father who keeps his promises (Scott Haan). It looks at different covenants- with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and the new covenant with Jesus. Tells us that the whole bible is about how God restores us to the kind of life we had with him in Gen 1 and 2. Most of what God did in the Old Testament was inspite of humans and through families. We are God’s family and it is imperative that we help each other grow into maturity.

Discipleship forms part of the Great Commission as given by Jesus in Mt 28:28-30 and Mark 16:15-20. Jesus commands his followers, and by extension, we who have believed in Him, to go out and preach the gospel and beyond that, to teach the people we have preached to to know and obey all that He has commanded.

We are thus called to speak to people about Jesus (evangelism) and beyond that, help them to grow in Christ (discipleship).

Give examples, Ruth and Naomi, Eli and Samuel, Mordecai and Esther, Paul and Timothy, Moses and Joshua, etc

It is imperative that we do this so that we do not become like the servant in the parable of the talents who failed to make use of his gift (Mt 25:14-30). He may have been busy doing other things but never worked with the talents he was given. May we utilize all opportunities God gives us so that we can one day receive great rewards in heaven, remembering that those who win souls will shine like stars in heaven (Dan 12:3)

Our reflection is on Gen 24

Eliezer, (every Christian) Abraham’s trusted servant was asked to go to Canaan and bring a wife (the church) for Isaac, (Jesus) the son of Abraham (God). He was given gifts (gifts of the Holy Spirit), specific instructions (the bible), a weapon (prayer) and tasked to bring the bride back (not just evangelism but discipleship as well). He met her at the well (evangelism happens best in ordinary day life). He prayed and didn’t have to speak much (power of prayer). She went to tell her family (once evangelized, you must also do same). She decided to go with him and never saw her family again (a clean break with the past/family). He showered her with gifts (the gifts of the Holy Spirit can be used to ‘show’ the message). He guided her on the journey (discipleship) and brought her safely to Isaac and she became his wife. (He brought her to have a real experience of Christ.)

May God fill our hearts with love for his people and grant us a heart for evangelism and discipleship. Let us pray

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